Welcome to my shop all my animals are hand made with love and care looking for a new home to be cherished and enjoyed

My customers come first every time.

What you will get is a, One Of A Kind Hand made sculpture
( Unique to my style of needle felting )

I will personally Grantee that if an accident were to happen that damaged your animal.
I will do all I can to fix it if you just post it back to me. (No quibble )

I started needle felting in June of 2014 ,I am self taught through web and found the most amazing art r. It is the most wonderful craft, there is just some thing magical about creating with wool.
As I live in the country side I adore everything in nature when I see a beautiful fox or deer I fall in love with the country all over again.
I have turned what I love into my passion and try to capture the beautiful sprit of each animal that I create.
Needle felt is brilliant I sit in my sunroom and create all day long and the hours just fly by. I wish I had discovered needle felting earlier in life. But now I have I really feel fulfilled and want to learn more.

I love the look on my family and friends faces when they see my animals when they say aaawww I know I got what I was look for in his little face. I will continue to learn and enjoy doing it, I love art I love nature so I will combine both and strive to bring what I see to life.

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